Incredible new
green space

Greenpoint has always been defined by its shoreline. Once a working waterfront teeming with ports and factories, the area has undergone a slow but steady transformation as it evolves to meet the neighborhood’s dynamic needs. For the first time in over a century, the Greenpoint shoreline is now open to the community for their enjoyment.

Find a balance between natural surroundings and a metropolitan oasis.

The Promenade

Known for their uncanny ability to unite urban landscapes with lush greenery, James Corner Field Operations designed the promenade around Greenpoint Landing to seamlessly join the buildings with the surrounding Greenpoint waterfront.

In creating this relaxing, yet vibrant space along the East River, it was necessary to find a balance between the park’s natural surroundings and its function as a metropolitan oasis. Incorporated among the open, grassy spaces are measures to account for flooding and tidal changes, all while maintaining an emphasis on the riverfront walkways, multi-use recreational fields, and sprawling skyline views.

“When it comes down to the finer grain of materials like the concrete or the stone block, even the planting palette, we wanted to retain a sense of scale.”

— James Corner, Field Operations

Newtown Barge Park

This brand new park was designed and constructed to provide Greenpoint residents a new waterfront space to run, walk, play, and relax.

The waterfront walkway, snaking through the tree- and grass-covered knoll, directs the eye between the churning river and the sprawling skyline.

Step off the path and onto the pitch; a turf field lined for baseball has been constructed along the riverwalk to create a modern, multi-use recreation space just a stone’s throw from the banks of the East River.